You will cover the main aspects of a switch to a collaborative management style via a 24-month pathway, along with other directors.
We will help to ensure you consider key factors, start appropriate trials and avoid the traps inherent in this approach. With our guidance, you will be able to manage your own changes after completing this pathway.

Our core principle for this pathway:
Create the right conditions for greater personal development, meaning deeper engagement, more agility and higher levels of performance.

Our experience

We are sharing the lessons learned over 10 years of collaborative policies managed internally in our Group, with its 400 employees. We can also boast around 50 successful transformation processes thanks to our guidance, both in France and worldwide, over the years:

  • SMEs
  • ISEs
  • Large groups
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Public authorities
  • Social security agencies

We involve coaches (individuals, teams and/or organizations) and/or Inov-On Group team members.

Our approach for this pathway

Transformation processes affect organizations at all levels. Bearing this in mind, we provide multiple types of support.

Transformation can be initiated in many ways. We have developed the simplest and most effective pathway, at least in our eyes:

  1. The personal transformation of the director and their executive team
  2. Cultural transformation
  3. And finally, the organizational transformation

This pathway is lengthy (24 months) to firmly establish its roots. 

The pathway is mainly based on acquiring experience, however, we may occasionally trigger discomfort, as part of a process allowing you to become aware of your behaviour and how the group operates.
The aim of this process is also to guarantee your independence by providing you with the required expertise for a collaborative approach. We are jointly working towards preparing you to lead the way through change, and subsequently boost the levels of confidence in your organization. We can assist you in establishing a framework to unleash your teams’ energy.

Our goal is to describe the purpose of changing management style in the best possible manner, leaving you free to determine your own future, one to match your profile. This pathway is organized as an inter-company process, i.e. with other organizations undergoing a similar transformation. You will jointly live through this adventure and share your experiences, your feelings and your practical experience, what failed and what worked. Each participant will progress at their own rate, moving forward with their own specific situations, while providing support and inspiration for each other. 

Thanks to this pathway, you can access a community of peers, who meet regularly, moving forward and growing together based on our approach.

Prerequisites for participants

Simply fill out the form enclosed to apply.

We will contact you in the near future to understand your motivations.

If your application is accepted, you are required to:

  • Come to the meetings with one or two executives from your company, who are willing to participate and also submit an application
  • Attend all meetings
  • Select a coach (from the proposed list) and work on your own approach in parallel to the pathway. The first working meeting must be held before D2.
  • Start trials within your organization between sessions
  • Register at least one willing team member for each skills transfer training session:
    • Collective intelligence
    • Conflict management
    • Manager: improve your leadership skills

Should a participant fail to attend specific sessions/days on an exceptional basis, the payment will remain due. 


The following main topics are covered as part of this pathway: 

  • Directors letting go
  • The unconscious processes governing our behaviours
  • The keys to collective intelligence
  • The keys to handling conflicts
  • Critical steps for a successful transformation

Meetings will be held face to face. Should it not be feasible, videoconferences will be organized.


Applying for the international executive pathway


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