Sources of inspiration

We are convinced that in order to transform our firm, we must start by changing our own personal values, based on meetings, combined with lectures and watching videos on personal and professional development. We are also delighted to share our books, videos and films produced in-house with you, sharing a behind-the-stage look at our innovative management techniques. Let’s take a look at our cultural background!

Our movie

“Vous avez dit libération?” (Did you say liberated organization?)

This film tries to “spark off” your consideration of how you could rethink the future of your organization. We suggest viewing scenarios, together with a collective intelligence briefing to take some early steps down the road to your transformation process.

By producing a documentary on this subject, we aimed to overcome preconceived ideas and open up a debate based on real testimonials during collective viewing sessions.


Our history in just 2 minutes

Daniel Pink – The amazing science of motivation – TEDx

Robert Waldinger – What makes a good life? – TEDx

Vineet Nayar – Employees first, customers second – TEDx