This pathway is organized on the premises of your company

Opt for the fast-track route to independence

This comprehensive pathway is organized on the premises of your company, with your designated volunteers.

Transformation processes affect organizations at all levels.
Bearing this in mind, we provide multiple types of support.

Transformation can be initiated in many ways. We have developed the simplest and most effective pathway, at least in our eyes:

  1. The personal transformation of the director and their executive team
  2. Cultural transformation
  3. And finally, the organizational transformation

This pathway is lengthy (24 months) to firmly establish its roots.
This pathway is mainly based on acquiring experience.
However, we may occasionally trigger discomfort, as part of a process allowing you to become aware of your behaviour and how the group operates.
The aim of this process is also to solidify your independence by providing you with the required expertise for a collaborative approach. We are jointly working towards preparing you to lead the way through change, and subsequently boost the levels of confidence in your organization. We can assist you in establishing a framework to unleash your teams’ energy.

Our goal is to describe the purpose of changing management style in the best possible manner, leaving you free to determine your own future, one to match your profile. This pathway is organized on the premises of your COMPANY, i.e. with the DNA of your organization.

The goals of the pathway

Ensure you are prepared to embark on—or continue—your transformation journey, targeting a collaborative approach.
Obtain results by changing the attitude of the executive team.
Provide you with our keys to collective intelligence.
Teach you facilitation techniques.
Guide you to manage your own changes after completing this pathway
Organize multiple meetings to allow for a natural learning curve.

We make the proposals, you try the techniques out, and we’ll move forward step by step.
We take full advantage of feedback to boost the group.

And we pass on the full scope of the lessons learned via all the organizations that we support.

Topics :

The following main topics are covered as part of this pathway: 

  • Directors letting go

  • The unconscious processes governing our behaviours

  • The keys to collective intelligence

  • The keys to handling conflicts

  • Critical steps for a successful transformation


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9 days over 18 months

Target audience

Executive Board


2 coaches

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