In our eyes, so many directors face difficulties because they have not truly understood the following key points:

  • The critical change in personal attitude required to successfully adopt a new management style.

  • The scale of the cultural changes required within the organization, which take time.

If both of these two conditions are met, then transforming the actual organization is a mere formality. If these two conditions are not met, then the change will remain a dream.

Here at inov-On Expérience, thanks to our in-house experience as an incubator and external experience gained with customers, partners which trusted us, we are convinced that these keys are the only potential solutions for an in-depth, solid and long-lasting rebirth of the organization.

For this reason, we are happy to share our experience with those who decide to provide support or embark on a transformation journey.

Our aim

Ensure that any party aiming to work in the field of organization transformation, to any extent, can be supported by tried and tested functional explanations and codes.

Our proposal

We propose a pathway comprising 4 videoconferences lasting 3 hours each with Alexandre Gérard to discover, understand and assimilate the key concepts of effective organization transformation.


We adopt the inov-On Expérience format for support services, enabling you to interact with Alexandre Gérard, other participants, and witnesses, while incorporating explanations via exercises.

The steps in our pathway

> Videoconference 1
 Personal transformation for the director
> Videoconference 2
 Cultural transformation of the organization
> Videoconference 3
 Operational transformation of the organization
> Videoconference 4
 Overview of key factors in the transformation process
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More details


4 x 3h videoconferences 

Target audience

Leaders, Managers, Directors, HR Directors, HR department, Change managers, Personal coaches, Corporate coaches, Facilitators 



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