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12 et 13 March 2020

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17 et 18 March 2020 et 14 May 2020

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7 days – Start on 18 May 2020

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What is a liberated company ?

It is a company where employees are free and responsible for making the decisions they feel are the most appropriate for the business. After all, who better than the employee knows how to do their job? Employees performs better when they feel involved than when they are controlled and feel patronized.
Following this principle, the processes, controls, surveillance and levels of the hierarchy are removed. Leaders and managers put themselves at the service of team members.
This requires a corporate vision that gives everyone a framework, pushes responsibility and autonomy for all employees, and a personal transformation of the managers. This management transformation puts trust and people at the heart of the company.

Our vision


Inov-On Experience is part of inov-On, a group of eight companies, united by strong common values. The 400 employees live and experience together the adventure of the liberated company on a daily basis. Their goal: Create a caring and nurturing environment that will allow everyone to open up and have fun at work.