In telecoms, things move very fast and we need to know how to adapt and react quickly in the face of the business challenges of the moment. For this reason, we need to get everyone at every level of the hierarchy on board, daring to go much, much further with co-construction.
I met Alexandre at an inter-company seminar over a year ago now, and his experience, which he shared with us during this seminar, made me want to embark on this type of process with my managerial team. It was therefore natural that I asked him to support us in this adventure.

We worked together for several months, initially discussing the meaning of it all, our deep convictions, the values that drive us, then how we were going to work with our teams to generate new working methods around co-construction and the collective.

Collectively, this work has very significantly strengthened our connections and our managerial collective. To a much greater extent than I anticipated… Individuals showed what they were made of and the collective was strengthened. Over and above this, we have progressively developed our managerial practices and have tested and continue to test many things within our unit, while involving all of our staff.

On a personal level, this process allowed me to re-examine my own managerial practices in depth. I sometimes experienced discomfort as I struggled with some of my beliefs…. I’m still currently re-examining how I do things and moving forward step by step with my teams. I feel I am emerging stronger, calmer and more aligned…



We were very satisfied with what Alexandre Gérard provided during the AGILE GRENOBLE conference. We had asked Alexandre to do 2 sessions, the first a plenary session in front of 500 people at the very beginning of the conference to launch the event on a good, dynamic note, which Alexandre did perfectly by passionately recounting his own personal adventure as a “company liberator”.

In the afternoon, Alexandre provided a session that ran parallel with other sessions in order to allow free discussion with those who had questions, and around 250 people chose to come and contribute to this session. The two-session format was very popular with our AGILE GRENOBLE conference attendees.

Alexandre BOUTIN


I host “Entrepreneurs of the future”, whose participants include sensitive and engaged company directors; leaders who have a certain view on management: management that is based on respect for the individual, wellbeing at work and sustainable development amongst other things. I organise regular events within this context. This time, the idea was to immerse company directors (many from SMEs and VSEs but some from larger companies) for half a day, in the world of Liberated Enterprises. Alexandre led the conference very well. Despite my fears, it didn’t feel too long. His story was very inspiring and a real revelation for many participants. I had confidence in how he would lead the morning and I was right to have had confidence. Alexandre started things off with an informational presentation in which he talked about the different types of companies (classic versus liberated), then he moved on to the story of inov-On before tackling the Liberation project. The morning ended with discussions with the participants.

The general feeling was very positive. The participants were very much inspired (with a reservation for the directors of large companies, due to the limits of a large group). For my part, I would very much like to develop Alexandre’s first initiative in other areas: I would like us to go further and provide this conference elsewhere (Lyon, Paris etc.) as there is demand from many company directors who could not travel as far as Bordeaux.


Entrepreneurs d'avenir

We had the opportunity and the luck to receive support from Alexandre Gérard and Christophe Collignon.
Some time before this, we had begun to empower our company’s employees based on our intuition that this was the way forward if we were to attract new talent and become a resolutely modern company aligned with our values and personality. We knew that this training existed but it isn’t that easy to access it and that’s for the best. We passed the first test on the phone and that was the start of our journey…

Our support days with Alexandre enabled us to capitalise on our intuition, learn how to use Collective Intelligence tools, and re-examine our methods as well as our mindset as directors. Everything is tackled and no question is left aside. We leave without frustrations, ready to move forward along the path of liberation with each new day of the course. We felt we were able to avoid pitfalls, share our doubts and work on our managerial projection.

We also spent time in inspiring places and were given the opportunity to talk to some of the most highly reputable external speakers. Organising these sessions is also, in my opinion, a reflective break, as you suddenly stop pedalling and simply think. We don’t just ask ourselves questions, we reflect on our action plan and we, as directors, all know that it’s all about our adrenaline. We need this activity and the training is highly relevant to us.

It is a genuine RESOURCE and a course different to everything else that might exist where sharing, humility and excellence are the name of the game. Two words – THANK YOU…

Charlotte et Julien RIVATON

Exhibit Group

Alexandre and Sophie have been supporting us for 8 months through a management committee group coaching programme for our regional authority which represents 40,000 inhabitants. They are helping us learn how to use collective intelligence tools, and by doing so, we are becoming acculturated to the liberated enterprise. Their exemplary support in terms of method is shining light on the mindset of the cultivator-leader, which we should be adopting. The system of coaching on spaced out days (with sessions starting one evening and resuming the next day) over several months, makes it possible to ensure that participants expand their awareness and to create the sustainable conditions for team empowerment, since the management committee must be independent when the course ends. Their support makes it possible to simultaneously identify the very demanding path that must be taken and also shows us that it can be done! Human experience with them and my extraordinary team. To set out on this journey, you must be ready to do some very intense mental work in terms of personal development, to find the humility that characterises the pilgrim on their path. This is support that produces inspiring human beings!

Testimonial from a director general of services

Regional Authority