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« Vous avez dit libération ? » (“Did you say liberation?”)

The film is a “spark” to help you reflect on how you might start reinventing your organisation tomorrow. We suggest you organise your screening as well as a collective intelligence session and take the first step in your transformation.

By making a documentary on this subject, we wanted to shatter preconceived notions and allow each individual to discuss the concrete testimonies provided during group screenings.


These books retrace the pathways and experiences of Liberated Enterprises, to better understand what this process and its challenges and opportunities entail.

L’aventure CHRONO Flex (The CHRONO Flex adventure)

This books tells the CHRONO Flex story. An adventure which has not always been plain sailing. It details our creation, rapid development and slump before telling the story of our reinvention. Through more than 50 testimonies, you will navigate through CHRONO Flex’s transformation, ultimately leading up to the path of the Liberated Enterprise.

The boss who wanted to stop being in charge

Three hundred employees, 21 million in turnover: as if he didn’t start in a major way, at 36 years old, Alexandre Gérard was the happy patron of a thriving group. But he was hit hard by the global financial crisis of 2009 and was soon forced to lay staff off. When something like that happens, how do you right the ship? How do you motivate the troops now paralysed with fear?

This was when Alexandre decided to revolutionise his management style based on one key principle: a fulfilled employee performs better than a policed and infantilised employee. Now one of the main players in the Liberated Enterprise, Alexandre GÉRARD recounts his “great leap”: the people who inspired him, the stages of his progress and the obstacles he faced… And above all, the necessary and profound transformation of the boss himself.

An exhilarating testimony of relevance to all managers who want to put the individual back at the heart of the system.

Released in early 2017, “Le patron qui ne voulait plus être chef”, is now available as part of J’AI LU books’ Bien-Être (Wellbeing) collection, and can be purchased in all good bookshops. Enhanced with a few tweaks to keep it up to date, it is now available in a new format, accessible to everyone.

You can learn more by reading our article about a boss who liberated his business…

 “Liberated Enterprises” (comic)

Journalist Benoist Simmat and artist Philippe Bercovici went in search of liberated enterprises and organisations. This is the very first time that a comic strip has explored this world. Together, they have produced a book that is the first of its genre. It is published by a major publishing house, les Arènes.



Our story in 2 minutes

TEDx Rennes

TEDx Saclay

Le bonheur au travail

Et si c’était à refaire ?

La minute libération

What the media has said about us

3 questions about trust for Alexandre

Let’s get on with it – Interview with Alexandre


À contre-courant : Vivre l’entreprise la plus extraordinaire au monde, Ricardo Semler, Dunod ed., 12 October 1993 (Secon hand).
Alerte sur la banquise, John KOTTER et‎ Holger RATHGEBER, Village Mondial ed., 25 September 2008.
Demain : un nouveau monde en marche, Cyril DION, Actes Sud Éditions, 18 November 2015.
Faites décoller vos hommes et vos entreprises, Robert Townsend, Edition Seuil, 1 February 1985.
Fish ! Une remarque approche pour optimiser l’épanouissement au travail tout en y prenant goût, Harry PAUL, Stephen C. LUNDIN et John CHRISTENSEN, Édition Un monde différent, 18 March 2010.
Gamestorming : Jouer pour innover. Pour les innovateurs, les visionnaires et les pionniers, James MACANUFO,‎ Sunni BROWN et‎ Dave Gray, Diateino édition, 23 January 2014.
Happy RH : le bonheur au travail, rentable et durable, Laurence VANHÉE, Édition La Charte, 15 October 2013.
Heureux comme un danois, Malene RYDAHL, Édition J’ai lu, 6 May 2015.
L’entreprise du bonheur, Tony Hsieh, Édition Leduc S., 9 September 2011.
La belle histoire de FAVI, Jean-François ZOBRIST, Lulu éd., 14 January 2014.
La bible du team building : 55 fiches pour développer la performance des équipes, Arnaud TONNELÉ, Édition Eyrolles,5 March 2015.
La Boîte à outils de l’intelligence collective, Béatrice ARNAUD et Sylvie CARUSO CAHN, Dunod ed., 25 May 2016.
La dimension humaine de l’entreprise Broché, Douglas MCGREGOR, Gauthier-Villars Editeur, 31 Décember 1970.
La liberté, ça marche ! : L’entreprise libérée, les textes qui l’ont inspirée, les pionniers qui l’ont bâtie, Isaac GETZ, Flammarion, 14 September 2016.
La vérité sur ce qui nous motive, Daniel PINK, Flammarion, 24 février 2016.
Le jour où je me suis aimé pour de vrai, Serge MARQUIS, La Martinière, 11 May 2017.
Le paradoxe du poisson rouge : 8 vertus pour réussir, Hesna CAILLIAU, J’ai LU, 6 March 2019.
L’homme aux deux cerveaux, Daniel PINK, Édition Robert Laffont, 22 November 2007.
Liberté & Cie, Isaac GETZ et Brian CARNEY, Flammarion, 23 February 2016.
L’intelligence collective, clé du monde de demain, Jean STAUNE, Édition L’observatoire, 3 April 2019.
Les 50 règles d’or de la communication non violente, Anne-Laure BOSELLI, Édition Larousse, 13 February 2019.
Les employés d’abord, les clients ensuite, Vinet Nayar, Diateino ed., 13 May 2011.
Les quatre accords toltèques : la voie de la liberté personnelle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Édition Jouvence, 16 octobre 2018.
Qui a piqué mon fromage, Johnson SPENCER, Edition Michel Lafon, 14 September 2000.
Reinventing Organizations: La version résumée et illustrée du livre phénomène qui invite à repenser le management, Etienne APPERT et‎ Frédéric LALOUX, Diateino ed., 12 January 2017.

Be aware that some of these books are not recent and while you can sometimes buy them secondhand they are often pricey.

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Our guides


Jean-François ZOBRIST

Flamboyant, but with common sense and awareness, Jean François will give us our 1st electric shock. For 30 years Jean-François Zobrist held the number one job at FAVI, a foundry in Picardy employing 500 people. He was responsible for implementing a revolutionary managerial approach, based on trusting and empowering employees. During his term, this successful company always posted a cash flow of over 20%, in a highly competitive industry.

Isaac GETZ

After studying engineering, Isaac Getz got a scientific MBA, then a PhD in psychology before going on to be awarded an HDR (Accreditation to Supervise Research)] in management.
He has been a lecturer at the ESCP Europe Business School in Paris since 1991. He has also held the position of visiting professor at both Cornell and Stanford and
his work has been covered by the biggest newspapers and magazines in France and internationally. In addition, he regularly talks at conferences on subjects relating to freedom within companiesinnovation change andleadership.
Isaac explains the key to our revolution in his book Liberté & Cie (Liberty and Company) and gives us some tips.

Jean-Loup Peguin

The former CEO of a 400-person group, Jean-Loup Péguin co-founded a managers’ association whose aim was to promote well-being at work. Certified through the HEC Executive Coaching program, Jean-Loup is pursuing his role as a coach while polishing his skills through the Gestalt approach. He is well-served by his listening skills, developed during the time he spent at 2 humanitarian organisations. He practises ethological riding and co-founded AYNOOA, a company devoted to professional horse-assisted coaching.