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inov-On visit hosted by Alexandre Gérard

Come to Saint-Herblain, near Nantes, to discover the Liberated Enterprise with Alexandre Gérard and the inov-On team.
You will meet our team who will tell you our story and some of the key features of our trust-based approach to running our company.
We will share our experience with you: how to prepare, how to facilitate transformation and how to get support.


Discover Alexandre Gérard’s conferences.

The new world is emerging a little more every day: education, food, the blue economy, eco-sites, energy self-sufficiency, participative democracy, liberated enterprises… Inspiring journeys and learning expeditions are an opportunity to discover the driving forces behind this transformation which are opening the potential paths of a sustainable world.
In his conferences, Alexandre shares his perspective on the transformations taking place in the world of work.


A day with Alexandre Gérard and the inov-On team

Want to do a Liberated Enterprise discovery workshop? Build on your insights and development? You can come to us to take part in this one-day workshop or we can take it to you!

In this workshop, we will discuss:

  • Key reading for the Liberated Enterprise
  • The story of the transformation of CHRONO Flex and inov-On
  • The questions to ask yourself before undertaking a transformation
  • The potential experiments
  • The Liberated Enterprises movement

This workshop is lead by Alexandre Gérard or by inov-On team members and is designed for groups from the same organisation.
The workshop is also an opportunity for participants to discuss and debate these different topics.

people maximum

day ou 1/2 day

Film screening day for “Did you say liberation?”

HD film screening – 53 minutes

We take care of everything!

Consultation with 1 or 2 contributors

To answer all your questions – 30 minutes

Collective intelligence workshop

To initiate the first step for your company – 1 hour 30 minutes